Omaha Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Project Profiles

Omaha bike path retaining walls

Taking homes and businesses out of the flood plain was a major goal on this Lincoln, NE retaining wall project, but preserving and improving a nearby bike path was also a priority. See how the city used Redi-Rock retaining walls to create an aesthetic solution for the creek channel!

WA DOT retaining walls

This Sarpy County construction project outside Omaha required headwalls to support a roadway passing through a wetland. The ability to build the headwalls using reinforced and gravity portions reduced the footprint of the roadway--learn more here!


Design Manual

  • retaining wall case study

    The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is an invaluable resource for any engineer or architect designing a Redi-Rock wall.

    Download the Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual today!

    Complete Manual 
    Note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download

    Section 1
    -General Info
    -Case Studies
    -Block Library
    -Design Information

    Section 2
    -Height Guides

    Section 3
    -Product Data Sheets and CSI Specifications

    Section 4
    -Installation Guide and Construction Details

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Redi-Rock's Toolbox

Designer Tip:

Want a massively stable retaining walls? Redi-Rock 60 In. blocks weigh as much as a Chevy Corvette, ensuring that your walls will stand the test of time. Check out how the blocks work here on our block tour!

Omaha Area Projects:

Redi-Rock Case Study: Omaha NE retaining walls

There are hundreds of Redi-Rock retaining walls in the Omaha area--some even prettier than this headwall project near the new Omaha Royals stadium!